the debates earlier this week, kinda

After a fierce few days of campaigning, riveting debates, and more Facebook notifications than you’d like, student government elections results are in, courtesy of the Columbia Elections Board.

Here’s the link to the full elections results with percentages of the vote included. We’ve pasted the winners below.

Most notably, TAP won most of the CCSC E-Board, Wadood and Ross will enter the University Senate, and the LCUI and sandwich ambassador ballot initiatives passed.

Voter turnout increased 25% from last year, and the candidate turnout increased by 35%. However, the ESC’s voter turnout percentages were much lower than last year, presumably because the E-Board went uncontested. For all you haters out there, elections results may be contested for the next 24 hours.


CCSC Executive Board President & VP Policy

  • Peter Bailinson and Sejal Singh (TAP)

CCSC Executive Board VP Finance

  • Michael Li (Insight)

CCSC Executive Board VP Communications

  • Abby Porter (TAP)

CCSC Executive Board VP Campus Life

  • Andrew Ren (TAP)

CCSC University Senator

  • Ramis Wadood

CCSC Academic Affairs Representative

  • Grayson Warrick

CCSC Alumni Affairs Representative

  • Matthew Forrest

CCSC Student Services Representatives (2)

  • Charles Sanky
  • Chris Godshall

CCSC Pre-­Professional Representative

  • Chris George

Columbia College Lion Credit Union Initiative Ballot Initiative 


Columbia College Sandwich Ambassador Ballot Initiative


CCSC 2015 President & VP

  • Kareem Carryl and Jackson Tse (Seniorit15)

CCSC 2015 Class Representatives (3)

  • Lillian Chen (Seniorit15)
  • Michael Fox­Moles (Seniorit15)
  • Ryan Rivera (Seniorit15)

CCSC 2016 President & VP

  • Saaket Pradhan and Anne Scotti  (Alma Matters)

CCSC 2016 Class Representatives (3)

  • Sameer Mishra (Alma Matters)
  • Richin Kabra (Alma Matters)
  • Gabrielle Andrade (Alma Matters)

CCSC 2017 President & VP

  • Sean Ryan and Adanma Raymond (Refresh)

CCSC 2017 Class Representatives (3)

  • Jeff Coby (Columbia Classy)
  • Justin Bleuel (Refresh)
  • Marshall Bozeman (Refresh)


ESC Executive Board President 

  • Brian Wu (Out of the Blue)

ESC Executive Board VP Policy 

  • Malini Nambiar (Out of the Blue)

ESC Executive Board VP Finance 

  • Robert Ying (Out of the Blue)

ESC Executive Board VP Communications

  • Joshua Boggs (Out of the Blue)

ESC Executive Board VP Student Life

  • Caroline Park (Out of the Blue)

ESC University Senator

  • Jillian Ross

ESC Academic Affairs Representative

  • Harry Munroe

ESC Director of Technology

  • Bo Fan

ESC Pre-­Professional Development and Alumni Affairs Representative

  • Larry Xiao

ESC Student Services Representative

  • Sarah Yang

ESC Sustainability Liaison

  • Siddharth Ramakrishnan

ESC-CCSC Liaison

  • Radhe Patel

ESC-GSSC Liaison

  • Andrew Sohn

ESC SGA Liaison

  • Howei Chen

ESC 2015 President

  • Shensi Ding (Blue Union)

ESC 2015 VP

  • Gil Feig (Blue Union)

ESC 2015 Class Representatives (2)

  • Andrew Ryder (Blue Union)
  • Adam Sherman (Blue Union)

ESC 2016 President

  • Michelle Lee (ClasSEAS)

ESC 2016 VP

  • Chloe Blanchard (ClasSEAS)

ESC 2016 Class Representatives (2)

  • Joshua Bazile (ClasSEAS)
  • Ravish Rawal (ClasSEAS)

ESC 2017 President

  • Robert Adelson (Blue SEAS)

ESC 2017 VP

  • Neha Jain (Blue SEAS)

ESC 2017 Class Representatives (2)

  • Sidney Perkins (Blue SEAS)
  • Amritha Musipatla (Spirit of SEAS)


GSSC Executive Board President 

  • Peter Nason

GSSC Executive Board VP Policy

  • Elizabeth Heyman

GSSC University Senator 

  • Katharine Celentano (Elections results will be combined with those during PMA elections during April 8 to April 10)

GSSC International Students Representative 

  • Christina Cheung

GSSC Jewish Theological Seminary Students Representative

  • Corey Hirsch

GSSC Veteran Students Representative

  • Neranjan de Silva