He just got a blind McBain Double

He just got a blind McBain Double

Are you super weirded out by the prevalence of online selection this year? Do you have no idea what to do? Bwogger Anna Hotter’s got you covered.

While most of Columbia has already braved the apocalyptic mayhem that is housing, some wretched souls still don’t know which exact shoebox they will call their home next year. An astounding pool of 1,181 students opted for online selection, which means that many will not get that spacious Schapiro single they’ve been eyeing for months. Because Bwog is also lost in the depths of uncertainty cares about your future, we have compiled a list of the most viable housing options for your enjoyment. The number of available rooms noted below are approximations and may vary depending on circumstances.


Singles: 300
Doubles: 6
Interior Doubles: 2


Singles: 190
Doubles: 28
Disclaimer: It is difficult to say how many rooms will actually be available for selection, since it is partly a first-year dorm.


Singles: ~70
Doubles: 2


Singles: 35
Doubles: 7


Singles: ~120


Singles: 245
Doubles: 3
WT Doubles: 4


Singles: 283
Doubles: 7

Of course, there are other, less traditional options for online selection that depend on room availability after In-Person selection. Some unlucky sophomores will probably get stuck with blind doubles. But don’t lose too much sleep over possibly living in Wien, aka PrezBo’s Projects, cause it could be much, much worse.