1. watched the video in full screen  

    Holy shit, that's the worst slow motion/interlacing i've seen in awhile. Made me want to puke more than drinking at bacchanal.

  2. Youtube Partner  

    This will be taken down in 24 hours, can't be using copyrighted music on youtube.

    • Anonymous  

      Depends on the copyright holder. A lot of times they'll let it stay up with a link to buy the song and some kind of ad profit-sharing setup, because they don't want to be seen as the bad guys.

  3. Anonymous  

    What a piece of crap! The administrators and student leaders behind "OUR BLUE" need to get their priorities straight

  4. fuck HSO  

    custodial staff had to clean up the unnecessary mess made during Holi. That paint gets everywhere. think before you pull this shit

    • Anonymous  

      ...they get paid to do that

    • Anonymous

      Think before you speak. The staff got paid quite a lot of money to do that, but if you were there post-Holi, members were picking up the obvious trash so that all facilities would have to do is power-hose things down. As someone who has been to Holi all four years, I can tell you this is how it has always been done, and the administration has had no obvious problems with it. If you don't like it, it's simple. Just don't come next year.

  5. Anonymous  

    What camera was this filmed on? I want to do slow motion videos too. 60 fps on a DSLR doesn't seem to cut it.

    That was a great video even if you went a little over board with the slow motion.

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