Estimating Bacchanal’s Budget

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He gave such great life advice

An inspiration to us all

An investigative tipster sent us a surprisingly thorough list (PDF) of artists and their booking prices from music agency Degy Entertainment. According to Degy, booking Lupe costs $65,000–$80,000, which looks roughly in line with Bacchanal’s rumored budget. This makes him not quite the cheapest headliner in recent years. Here’s the cost of the past few years’ headliners, according to Degy:

  • Macklemore (2013): $200,000–$300,000 (Dayum. Someone made it big. But this is definitely not what Bacchanal paid to get him, since this list is for 2014 and Macklemore has acquired more fame since he graced Low Plaza.)
  • Big Gigantic (2012): $35,000–$50,000
  • Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion: $75,000–$100,000

And here are some acts we (maybe) could have gotten this year for the same price as Lupe:

  • B.o.B.
  • Jason Derulo
  • A cheap Selena Gomez concert
  • An expensive DJ Pauly D concert
  • 8 Kreayshawn concerts

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  1. An inspiration to us all?

    Definitely not.

  2. Bwog  

    Who do you think I am? I don't need a link to know my Kreayshawn.

  3. i would've  

    rather seen 8 kreayshawn concerts vs 1 lupe one

  4. Can we just have

    "Snoop Dog/ Lion" Again!?

  5. Damn  

    Odd Future would've been awesome (and within the budget)

  6. Wait a second....  

    So you're saying we could have gotten Childish Gambino for around the same price??

    • Anonymous  

      arctic monkeys too

    • Valued Customer  

      There are contingencies not accounted for in this list--what if a band is currently on tour/out of the country (which I think is the case for Arctic Monkeys). What if the Bacchanal Committee just has terrible decision making skills?

      That being said, I spent a disturbing amount of time figuring out what we might have had for Bacchanal. Wavves, which was the headline a few years ago, was only 5-10 thousand? And that is after releasing a new album.

  7. ugh  

    wait... jason derulo? :'(

  8. Peaches  

    Kanye only costs two Bacchanals... surely we could sell Uris or something...

  9. wow  

    a steve aoki crowdsurf could've been a possibility...

  10. Peaches  

    Also, are you telling me that for the price of one Lupe Fiasco, we could have had an A-Trak, a Danny Brown, and an MIA?

    • things everyone should know about bacchanal before complaining:  

      1. bacchanal falls on the same weekend as coachella (severely diminishing any chance we might have for better music)
      2. cu realizes this but refuses to change the date of bacchanal
      3. cu also realizes that more money would probably mean better acts
      4. but they refuse to give bacchaboard more $$$
      5. to make up for this, other schools charge for their spring concerts
      6. cu doesn't.

    • Hatsumomo  

      Peaches, I've loved you from afar and now knowing that you're into A-trak and Danny Brown, I can't help but love you even more.
      Senior Ball?

  11. Honestly;

    Bacchanal was fun this year, but I had much more fun at Yale's Spring Fling. Betty Who, Ja Rule, and DIPLO?! Not trashing on Columbia, just saying we need to choose a better lineup.

  12. Anonymous  


  13. Anonymous  

    We could have gotten A$AP and we fuckin got Lupe.. What sick sick joke

    • Degy isn't real  

      I graduated 2 years ago and work in the music industry. Degy is not a real agency and most of those prices are not accurate. Some are, but most aren't. Asap Rocky is currently charging in between 125k and 150k

  14. Anonymous  

    grizzly bear would've been cheaper. and then what everyone else said.

    for shame, bacchanal committee, for shame.

  15. Matt  

    106425 is how much moneys we give Bacchanal

  16. Sparkles  

    Should've gone with the Selena Gomez concert

  17. Anonymous

    Dirty Projectors

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