Gulati (GulatiGulati) Photoshop Contest!

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We have this incredibly swag photo of Celebrity Econ Professor Sunil Gulati.  We know you all have some crazy feelings about this guy (and a powerful need to procrastinate), so we propose a Photoshop contest. Put Gulati in a new outfit, a new situation or a new context. Submissions will be judged mainly on cleverness and effort.

Send your Gulatishop to by next Monday, and include your email address for a chance to win a coveted Bwog shot glass.

Is he happy? Disappointed? Uncomfortable?

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  1. i would but  

    he's going to be grading my final

  2. LOL  

    if you think Gulati grades his own finals

  3. OMG  

    he looks like a sloth.

  4. Anonymous  

    Smooth, dark, keeps me up all night

  5. CC gal  

    Wait, can I just buy a Bwog shot glass?? Take my money!

  6. 2+ points on your next quiz if you can find him  
  7. I see Gulati but no Waldo  

    Nope, he's there

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