Yeah okay, fair point.

Yeah okay, fair point.

The king of saying mean things (and somehow still not being hated), Louis C.K. angry-tweeted about the common core all of yesterday twelve times, decrying the system as “all about these tests.” As per usual, we feel ya, Louie. (Twitter)

As if Formspring wasn’t bad enough, the youth of today has come up with yet another mode of bullying spirited teasing. Yik Yak, a bulletin board app, lets you say whatever you want in 1.5 mile radius. Somewhere Gossip Girl is turning over in her grave. (Gothamist)

Donald Sterling, LA Clippers (ex)owner, said racist things—on associating with black people: “Do you have to?”—and has been barred by the NBA. And good riddance to that, we say. (NY Times)

Emotionally destroyed because Spec’s digital? You’re not alone. One of Spec’s trustees quit the board yesterday, saying in an email, “I didn’t get the sense that the two Spectator people present were even interested in actual journalism.” Ouch. (NY Mag)

Bwog’s a loser via Shutterstock