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Wondering what’s been going down with GSSC this last week of school? We sent smashing Satow Room Bureau Chief Joe Milholland to get you up on the fly.

In case you didn’t know, not all GSSC seats had candidates this year. Accordingly, GSSC has nominated Ian Elliot, the current GSSC comptroller, as Vice President of Finance, and Donna Askari as Vice President of Communications. Both Ian and Donna accepted their positions.

Other GSSC Updates:

  • At the April 8, 2014 meeting, VP of Policy Gardo Martinez spoke about grievances from the body regarding inappropriate behavior by GSSC members and controversy over who was credited with the creation of Night Owl. Martinez said that “immediate action was taken” on the issue, and, according to Martinez, “it was not the case” that there was “threatening, bullying, [and] harassment” from council members. Martinez said the council should have given more credit to the person who came up with Night Owl, but “an impeachable offense didn’t occur.”

  • At the meeting, Academic Affairs Representative Malcolm Marcoulides said, about the Night Owl controversy, “In the heat of the election season, a program that was good for students was shot down by lies and rumors.”
  • Also at the April 8 meeting, it was Legislative Assistant Andrew Lawson and Social Media Chair Amber Erwin had both resigned “due to academic reasons,” according to President Germond.
  • At the April 22 meeting, due to Passover and illnesses, there were not enough council members needed for quorum (16 are needed), and the council members who had shown up left twenty minutes after the scheduled start time for the meeting.
  • Many of the recent GSSC meetings have dealt with planning details for their 2014 Gala, which was their most highly attended ever.
  • On the last day of classes, the council will be giving out Dino BBQ to GS students on Lewisohn Lawn.

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    #1 I hope next years cWho is the VP of events going to be?

  2. "due to academic reasons"  

    yeah right, cool story Lawson.

  3. GS '14  

    GSSC is a failed state.

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