Orgo Night Flyers Are Really Offensive/Awesome

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Have you seen the flyers everywhere? Are you fascinated appalled by the band’s ability to take and make light of literally every single controversy of the semester? How impressed are you that with flimsy sheets of paper, the band has singlehandedly managed to alienate essentially every faction of campus? Well, in case you missed a couple, Bwog’s got the inside scoop all of these bad boys. Take a peek.

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  1. The Lion also has the Marching Band cover photo images posted. You guys are slacking.

  2. But actually  

    these are pretty hilarious...

  3. Barnard Hall - everyone wants a piece  

    hilarious. lol @ bwog for not getting it

  4. CC '16  

    g(tb)^2: Get the Band to Butler

  5. GRRM

    CUMB must worship the Drowned God
    "What is dead may never die"

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