CC Class Day 2014 And University Commencement, As Seen Through Social Media

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Yesterday was CC’s Class Day, featuring Dan Futterman, your CC Val and Sal, lots of red tape, Deantini, and the ever-present PrezBo.

Erik Campano cleared up any confusion about the red tape graduates were placing on their caps:

The red tape that students are wearing during their graduation and commencement ceremonies this year symbolizes their support for a safer campus, and solidarity with students who have experienced sexual violence. It serves as a reminder that Columbia still has many changes to make, in order to be a leader nationwide in the fight against sexual assault at colleges and universities.

Sadly, we didn’t have a reporter on the scene to get more of CC Class Day, as all of Bwog is cuddling with their dogs in bed, remember?

Today was university-wide Commencement, which we relive through social media below. We are deeply indebted to the Snapchat friends of “thebwog.”




The Empire State Building lit up for Commencement, courtesy of Robert Adelson:

empire state of mind

Finally, we leave you with the Morningsider’s last work at Columbia: Graduation Bow. Congrats, 2014!

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  3. Anonymous

    Congratulations all! This is probably one of the most beautiful commencements in the nation.

  4. BC '16

    Hammers clearly represent the male anatomy, which is after all a vehicle for sexual assault. Columbia is just clueless. Stop drinking the patriarchy's kool aid that conveniently has made many of us rape apologists.

    • question mark

      Can't tell if this is making fun of Barnard or SEAS

      • BC '15

        Let me guess by that you mean all women are incapable of thinking. Well discount our accomplishments all you want we are going to win because gender inequality must end. And you know what else has to end rape. When someone steals your laptop its not an excuse that they thought that the laptop wanted to be stolen. So stop trying to tell us we wanted it. We didn't you just raped us anyway. And don't go on about how you were drunk that is not an excuse for raping someone. When I get drunk I don't just go around and commit felonies! You have to have an evil streak to start committing acts of violence just because you are drunk. But I guess its just in vino veritas right? When men get drunk they show their true colors as rapists like all of them are.

  5. Sad(ish) Grad

    Holy shit. It all goes by so FUCKING fast.

    To those who remain: hold fast, fast, fast to that spirit of youth.

  6. Sad Alum

    If interested, write to me at

  7. CC 15  

    Good riddance. '14 sucks. I'm the king of this school now b*tches

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