Overseen: Mike Wazowski In McBain

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Like a vomit-covered¬†caterpillar transforming into an unsightly butterfly, McBain is undergoing summer renovations.¬†Before our very eyes, McBain is becoming… a habitable environment the factory from Monsters Inc. Sources tell us that one of the doors leads to a Himalayan ice cave, while the rest lead to your parents’ basement.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.43.46 PM



  1. seriously bwog says:

    wtf. literally why did you publish this.

  2. Now remember says:

    That's Mike Wazowski at Mike Wazowski, You Got Your Life Back Lane!

  3. Monty Hall says:

    Behind one of those doors will be a rapist. Take your pick.

  4. NOT NEWS says:  


  5. Anonymous says:

    McBain is being renovated. This is a good thing. Why all the snide comments. Please lets have more mature writing.

  6. CC '17 says:

    Can someone tell me why I didn't just apply to Barnard instead of Columbia if all Barnard girls claim they just 'graduated from Columbia'

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