Overseen: Mike Wazowski In McBain

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Like a vomit-covered¬†caterpillar transforming into an unsightly butterfly, McBain is undergoing summer renovations.¬†Before our very eyes, McBain is becoming… a habitable environment the factory from Monsters Inc. Sources tell us that one of the doors leads to a Himalayan ice cave, while the rest lead to your parents’ basement.

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  1. seriously bwog

    wtf. literally why did you publish this.

  2. Now remember

    That's Mike Wazowski at Mike Wazowski, You Got Your Life Back Lane!

  3. Monty Hall

    Behind one of those doors will be a rapist. Take your pick.

  4. NOT NEWS  


  5. Anonymous

    McBain is being renovated. This is a good thing. Why all the snide comments. Please lets have more mature writing.

  6. CC '17

    Can someone tell me why I didn't just apply to Barnard instead of Columbia if all Barnard girls claim they just 'graduated from Columbia'

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