PrezBo too will remain seated, pensive, and probably nude in his office

PrezBo too will remain seated, pensive, and probably nude in his office

According to a rumor, President Bollinger just received a two ­year extension on his contract. On Friday, the Columbia University Board of Trustees voted to extend PrezBo’s contract until 2018.

PrezBo was originally set to leave Low in 2016. Back in 2010, Bloomberg reported that Bollinger had “agreed with the board of trustees” to a contract that pushed the end his term (beginning in 2002, when he replaced George Rupp) from 2012 to 2016.

It seems that this extension came as no surprise to PrezBo. In an interview with Spec last October, PrezBo described the end date of his presidency in loose terms, saying “I’m making no plans about when [I will step down]. I’m continuing to act as if I’ll do this forever, which, obviously, is not true. But the kind of illusion that this goes on and on is the right way to approach this job. It’s a great honor and I’m very appreciative.”

Lately, under PrezBo’s watch, the university has been getting bad press in places like the front page of the New York Times regarding the mishandling of sexual assault. PrezBo was also— rather predictably —criticized by this year’s Varsity Show for his lack of engagement with undergrads.

By 2018, Bollinger will have been president for sixteen years, making his tenure the longest since Nicholas Murray Butler’s 43-year reign.

A younger PrezBo via Wikimedia Commons