The Wall Of Ultimate Shame

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You’ve got to be joking. We received this text and screenshot from a tipster:

“bwog i got my last grade (advanced grammar and grammars with timberlake) yesterday and if that doesn’t take its own special spot on the wall of ultimate shame then i don’t know what would”

this can't be real


We agree. According to the directory, the 25-student Linguistics G4206 class had its final on Monday, May 12th. Did the students have to write dissertations?! Did the professor visit rural New Guinea?! The world may never know.

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  1. SEAS '15  

    I remember hearing a story about how it took until the end of August for an Electrical Engineering class (Electromagnetics) to get their grades.

  2. Materials Science '14

    There was this one materials science class in Spring 2012 - Processing of Ceramics and Polymers - for which we got the grades after the entire summer. I think it was an SSOL upload issue...

  3. Anonamoose

    I'm still waiting on one more grade...

  4. Linguistics student

    So Timberlake.

  5. Cat in the Hat  

    It's much more shameful that America is currently swooning over a dangerous thug who has been involved in sex trafficking in the past and giving him a modeling contract. I will certainly NOT be buying from any brands that hire him. Women can swoon over him all they want, but if men don't buy his stuff his career will collapse.

  6. hey

    leave Timberlake out of this. He is a scholar and a gentleman and can do no wrong.

  7. Well

    he was relatively quick for Slavic Cultures

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