1. cc 2015

    they better keep that thing up for nsop. welcome to columbia, kiddies! here's a giant inflatable roach.

  2. Umm

    The one takeaway I got from that is I should aspire to be one of those fat cats.

  3. Umm

    The one takeaway I got from that is that I should aspire to be one of those fat people, not one of the shadows.

  4. Anonymous

    Mamals construction has to follow all of New York State's labor laws. If they do, there is nothing you can do. Contact New York City's labor department if you have a problem. At least Columbia is helping half of New York City working.

  5. dks  

    Are we really protesting that people are willing to work for a certain wage? If these workers felt they were being paid an unfair wage why wouldn't they be the ones complaining about this? Basically we have taken it upon ourselves to protest for people who don't even want us to be protesting for them.

    • anon

      sounds like Columbia to me

    • Anonymous

      Agreed New York City has some of the highest labor costs and labor protections and salaries in the nation.

    • pu10huilo

      Allow me to dissociate from this particular instance for just a minute. People will protest when they feel that they can afford to lose the job and find another if things go sour. The fact that people are *willing* to work for a certain wage doesn't necessarily mean that they're happy to do it, or even that it's a "fair" wage. Especially in the market for menial work, laborer can be pushed to work for wages that do not even begin to cover the cost of living

      You can, of course, ignore this, or even feel that it's the way things ought to be, but that's really socially destructive. First, from a principled point, it's just degrading for a society that prides itself on being advanced. More pragmatically, though, it traps the whole of society in a shittier long-term outcome. If capital (to borrow from Marx) is willing, or forced to sacrifice a bit to labor, those people will become marginally less poor and desperate. Increasingly, the outcome is people who are more educated, more productive, and less angry and socially destructive (i.e., criminal).

      In the end of the day, I'm willing to sacrifice part of my earnings (and I do work), to ensure that people around me aren't poor, dumb and angry.

  6. Anonymous

    mamais is plenty shady, but not for this reason

    for the reason that they are basically a shell construction corporation of the university

  7. that's a naive-ass assuption

    There's a difference between feeling that you're being treated satisfactorily and being "willing" to do something. All that requires is fearing a worse alternative, e.g. homelessness or complete poverty. It's about having other options. I'm willing to bet a lot of these workers are undocumented and/or speak English as a second language—you really think they're going to try to make a scene even if they were being treated like complete shit?

  8. Thanks for the clarification

    Thought that insect was just a new face in the administration.

  9. Anonymous

    They are not doing any work at the new campus. They don't do new construction.

  10. Anonymous

    Couldn't they have at least run the protest paper through spellcheck first?

  11. Anonymous

    i miss the good old days when we protested men on campus instead of big business :(

  12. Serpent King  

    People have the right to decide which job to take. If the workers don't like the company, they could find another job. Nobody held a gun to their heads and told them they had to work there. I love how upper middle class college students have taken it upon themselves to protest for the workers who chose to work there, as if they know better than those workers do as to how their lives should be run. How paternalistic of the socialists.

    • J

      Do you really think that the workers had the opportunity to weigh this job against a smorgasbord of other offerings? "Desk job with benefits? No thanks, I think I'd rather strip poisonous chemicals from the walls of a dormitory for shitty pay." If you're concerned with the plight of the workers, maybe you can invite them to live in your upper middle class fantasy land where anybody can find work anywhere he wants.

      • Serpent  

        Nobody has a right to a job or a right to a wage. Those things don't belong to you. They belong to the person who is hiring you. Just because someone doesn't have other options doesn't mean I have any obligations to them. There are plenty of people who worked hard to get out of homelessness and poverty so that they could have lots of job options. If someone doesn't have the skills to get a better job, they should work on getting those skills.

  13. Anonymous

    So denying degrees to Jeff Bell and Lou Antonelli so Eric Holder and Barry Obama will pimp for your grant-grubbing doesn't pay off after all, does it, Mickey Soviet? Maybe if you kept Holder out of Law School for holding the Dean of Students hostage, folks might respect you?

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