Anti-Semitic Protester By 116th Gates

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A lone man holding a sign that read “Google It!!! ‘Jews Control America'” was outside the 116th and Broadway gates during the activities fair today. According to a tipster:

A student was asking what looked like public safety if they could make him leave and they said they can’t. Big crowd around him.

Also, we later got a tip that showed that Mr. Anti-Semitic had attracted the attention of a fellow hostile sign-holder, with a sign saying “This Guy Is An Asshole.” Well, hard to argue with that.


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  1. Free Speech Fundamentalist  

    Good for public safety. Sweeping these hateful incidents under the rug harms everyone involved.

  2. Marketer

    Good product placement for Caldwell and Walsh...

  3. Noted  

    Imagine the outrage, or lack thereof, if the sign had simply said "Evangelicals control Texas" or "Mormons control Utah" or "Muslims control Obama". That in itself is proof enough for the veracity of the original statement.

    • Anonymous  

      you're right! what do you recommend to fix the problem? no more jews with positions of power? no jobs for jews? perhaps we should send them somewhere.. camps maybe? or perhaps there's another way to get rid of them?

      odd how easy it is to get from A to B

      • Noted

        @Anonymous: No I don't condone oppression of Jews or people of other faiths. Your baseless assumptions are typical of the type of scaremongering associated with Fox News.

      • Legit confused

        Huh I never considered myself a racist person, but I always thought people just took it as a given fact that "Jews control America". I don't quite see how that is any more offensive to say than "communists control China". That is not to say it's a problem that needs fixing, but rather a truth that needs acknowledging.

        Would someone mind giving me a (non judgemental) explanation about why the statement is anti semetic and/or offensive?

        Sorry if I offended anyone by asking that.

    • Thinking for more than five seconds

      Because evangelicals are likely a majority, or at least are a very large portion, of the people in Texas; Mormons are a majority in Utah. It isn't menacing to suggest that the majority controls the jurisdiction. It *is* menacing to suggest that a group that comprises less than 3% of the country controls it. So, one is just a big chunk of obvious (majority controls x) and one suggests an insidious cabal (tiny minority ruling over us all!).

  4. Alum

    this should be the headline every time SJP comes out to play

  5. Anonymous

    SJP, this is low even for you.

  6. Anon

    The individual holding the counter sign sets an impressive example of how not to be a bystander to hate speech.




    Counter-protest dude rules. I want to buy him all of the beers.

  9. Andrew

    If you think that the guys was mentally ill, then don't cover this crap. The world is full of crap anyway. If you think you should cover it, maybe focus on the guy that came with a counter sign! Support the idea, as "anon" mentioned above the "impressive example of how not to be a bystander to hate speech". Find a positive, life-afirming twist to the story. If you want to be journalists - be good ones, don't be just sensationalists. And your "submit a tip" at the top of the page, your getting "tips" makes you look like CIA, and not a college paper. Just chill - practice objective and fair journalism.

  10. curious

    how is this anti semitism?

    • Anonymous

      I'm curious too.

      JTS, Barnard, and Columbia are among the top 15 most Jewish schools in the U.S., with Columbia being #4 for the largest Jewish population. My guess is that any time someone non-Jewish says something about Jewish people here, there's just a disproportionately large reaction.

      But maybe there is more to it than that if someone more enlightened on the issue would care to explain.

    • Thinking for more than five seconds


      1) History is not irrelevant here-- there's a long history of people using statements like this as an excuse to do bad things to Jews.

      2) Jews are a tiny part of the country-- about 2.2%. The suggestion that they control the U.S. has a menacing implication-- that we're being dominated by some small and non-representative group, and, presumably, since it's being used as a form of protest, that we should rise up against the Jews' control. So, it argues for doing things to undermine the power and authority specifically of Jewish people, which seems definitionally antisemitic.

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