SJP Demonstration On The Sundial

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Activists from Students for Justice in Palestine are demonstrating today on the sundial to call attention to the recent actions of the Israeli government in Gaza. SJP is reading the names and ages of those who have lost their lives in the past few weeks.

Editor’s note: This image has been altered due to safety concerns.

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  1. I'm all for free speech  

    But today was not the day.

  2. hundreds of innocent people were killed in gaza this summer

    ...but so were hundreds of terrorists. is SJP leaving out the names of hamas terrorists killed, or are they memorializing radical islamists mere feet from the 9/11 tribute?

    • excuse me

      I think you need to redefine your ideas of what constitutes "terrorist." What happened on 9/11 and what happened in Gaza are by no means comparable.
      your also erring on the side of islamophobic so watch it maybe.

      • fsdfs  

        Indiscriminately shooting rockets at neighboring territories is in fact terrorism and blowing up these launch points is in fact counter terrorism

        • so...

          just to get things straight, blowing up schools in your books ISN'T terrorism?

          • dsadsa  

            Schools where Hamas was firing rockets from and where Hamas was using human shields to try and protect themselves. Also fun fact 1/5th of the missles Hamas fires don't make it to Israel and land in Palestinian territory killing their own people there too. Attacking enemy combatants isn't terrorism attacking civilian population centers on purpose is.

          • seriously  

            @dsadsa: Truth is that rockets DO land on civilian territory in Israel. You clearly weren't there this summer.

        • Don'tBeAnIdiot  

          Knowingly dropping 20,000 tons of explosives on a 139 square mile strip of land densely inhabited with civilians can't be terrorism, right? An 80% civilian kill rate is great!

          • seriouslybro?

            Either the Israelis weren't trying to kill civilians, or they're extremely shitty at it. 20,000 bombs were dropped on Gaza according to pro-Palestinian sources. 2,143 people were killed according to the Hamas health ministry. Obviously, that number includes a very large number of militants/terrorists. Even still, that would mean it took around 10 bombs to kill a person.

  3. curious

    Are they including the names and ages of killed Israelis?

  4. Great that they are reading names and ages of the victims in Gaza. Really highlights the barbarism of Hamas using all those civilians as shields and hiding their weapons in schools and hospitals.

  5. How fucking

    dare they. It's 9 fucking 11, one of the worst days in American history. Not today.

    • please  

      Since when is the memorialization of one tragedy considered disrespectful to another?

      • when it occurs

        during the commemoration of the lives lost in the biggest attack on American soil since the founding of this country. The focus of this day was not the middle east but those that passed at the hands of terrorism/in the aftermath of the events that day in NY, Washington, and Pennsylvania. The focus was on those that served their country that day and those that do 13 years later. The focus was on how we did not let that day prevent us from living our lives. It is 100% uncalled for to detract from this day with your own cause--I'm not surprised you didn't have the decency to respect 9/11 instead of yet again trying to take the spotlight.

  6. Anonymous

    The death of civilians in Gaza is abominable but the attention it receives is absurdly disproportionate. If they cared just as much about the civilians currently dying in eastern Syria and western Iraq at the hands of ISIS and other militia they'd have to spend a few weeks there reciting all names.

  7. There's a time and place  

    And today there's neither.

  8. Anom  

    SJP organized this vigil in accordance with a national solidarity movement world-wide. They are reading out the names of LIVES LOST and victims of warfare. That is not to undermine the mourning of victims of 9/11. On the contrary, human tragedy is equally troubling worldwide. Have respect for this day of mourning-- for ALL victims.

    • Anonymous

      There's nothing about respect here - if their concern was mourning the loss of life, they should've read the name of Israeli victims as well. This is nothing but a gross political act by attention-seeking students who are deaf to criticism, and as a general supporter of Palestine it irks me to see these are the people advocating for it on campus.

    • Do you think

      There's any particular reason why this so called "international solidarity movement" picked today? Or was that just you guys? Fucking bastards.

  9. Anonymous

    Palestinians were celebrating on 9/11! They support terrorists and many terrorists are Palestinian.

    They get no sympathy from me. In fact, I think it is disgusting that Palestinians would stand on College walk and fly their flag on 9/11.

    Palestinians are full of hate for America.

  10. Anonymous  

    Wow SJP, you're so edgy demonstrating on 9/11 in the middle of campus. Pretty poor taste, way to make yourselves look like assholes. Today is so not the day to do this.

  11. no just no  

    I totally respect if this group wants to bring attention to people killed in Gaza.

    However, today is not an appropriate day to pull out and recite a list of names & ages, which in and of itself is immaturely imitative of 9/11 ceremonies.

    On its Facebook page, SJP writes, "This is not to detract from any other tragedies, as all victims should be given proper respect and memorialized. It is not a competition over who should be commemorated, but recognition of all victims of tragedies." They are being incredibly disrespectful to the 2,977 of innocent people who lost their lives 13 years ago, and to their families who continue to mourn.

  12. I love free speech

    It shows you who is childish enough to abuse it. The support and respect I used to give SJP is now gone. Nicely done, SJP. You really did cut off your nose to spite your face.

  13. ForReal  

    SJP is now officially the biggest joke of a student group on campus

  14. BSGS  

    Are they still there? (5:00 pm?)

  15. when did bwog go all activist-shill?

    "spirit of 68" tag? really? clearly unfamiliar with 68.

  16. disappointed  

    It'd be one thing if this was the only day they could get the Sundial, but that's not the case. They have it reserved every day through next Thursday. It was clearly their intention to try to use the 9/11 tragedy for their own political gain.

    The biggest shame is that this took attention away from two beautiful gestures commemorating the day that were going on right next to them. Kudos to CUCR for putting the American flags out, and to the students who were passing out bios of Columbia alumni who were killed in the tragedy. They were both touching and respectful. I hope people were able to divert their attention from SJP and give proper thought and respect to those memorials and the meaning of the day.

  17. man  

    Cant help but laugh at this picture

  18. SJP are troll  

    Learn a thing from B@B, dismiss them for the trolls they are. Treat them like a standard troll on the internet.

  19. Blog just blurred their faces  

    But, if you look at Bwog's facebook wall. It's still up there. Screenshot saved, posted to 4chan. Assholes. I bet they sent a bitchy email to bwog too. Enjoy the Streisand effect SJP.

  20. Why are their coward faces blurred out?

    I hope they get cancer.

  21. Anonymous

    Why blur them out? If you shout into a bullhorn in the middle of campus, people will look at you.

    But if you did it after the comments, I guess that makes sense. Bwog's gotten more hateful than it used to be.

  22. Anonymous  

    There's nothing you really have to say about SJP. The fact that they only have 4 members present out of the entire school says enough. Add to it, those 2 dudes are holding the flag backwards.

  23. artsy girl

    If they have the audacity to read these names on 9/11 - many of them undoubtedly terrorists - have the guts to show your faces! The blacked out faces make it farcical - serves them well! How ridiculous do they look?

  24. Anon  

    A little tasteless, but not nearly as bad as the hippy who spat on CUCR as they were putting the flags out. Disgusting.
    Also, why don't the Dems help out? Seems like an obvious bipartisan issue...

  25. uh oh  


  26. uh oh  


  27. A tasteless act YES! ( Wrong day )
    But it should not ever be used to overshadow the injustice ( war crimes )that took place in Gaza this summer and years before.
    I can't believe all the hate and name calling on here, I really hope your just visitors on the site!

  28. Soothsayer  

    I'm really sick of this conflict that I personally have done absolutely nothing to support either way getting shoved in my face by both parties. As far as I am concerned, both parties are murderers and no "justifications" will convince me either way (I don't care which murderer says they were there first). Why are we subsidizing this war again? If either side wants to fight and murder with American weapons, they should have to use their own money (not our tax dollars) to pay our weapons manufacturers for arms. America is taking tax dollars from the middle class and sending it overseas to murderers and thieves.

  29. CC 2013

    I support the civilians in Gaza but shame on you SJP. We are a university of NYC. Many alumni, parents, friends etc. were killed 13 years ago in this very city. How dare you try to use this sad day to your club's advantage?

    Now would be the time to apologize for your insensitivity instead of making lame excuses about how "its not a competition." What you did was hurtful and pretty disgusting.

    -a supporter of peace for gaza

  30. There are 365 days in a year...

    SJP could have chosen any one of the other 364 to hold this demonstration. Today is not just about civilian deaths. It is about a very specific event that shook our city and our country thirteen years ago. If the SJP's goal was to bring attention to civilian deaths, then they should have also recited the names of the Israeli civilians who were killed (no matter how few they may be). And how about the tens of thousands of civilians killed by ISIS, the Syrian government and various other groups in Syria and Iraq? Or the thousands of civilians murdered by Boko Haram in Nigeria? Or the hundreds of Ukrainian civilians who have died in the recent conflict with Russia?

    There are thousands of civilians being killed throughout the world, whether it be by extremist groups, their own governments or militant factions, and all of their lives deserve to be recognized. But today was not the day to exploit one of the most tragic days in American history in order to push a political agenda.

  31. optimistic  

    guys, keep commenting. i think we're going to solve the israel palestine conflict in this thread

  32. man  

    So Israel was supposed to let Gaza shoot rockets just like that ? Like, it's ok for them to fire constantly, but for Israel to answer back is not?

  33. lol  

    don't know where you got that piece of information man, but I'm pretty sure it is physically impossible to dump 20 000 tons of explosives at once.

  34. Was, still is a supporter of SJP

    Next year, it'd be great to see SJP emphasize their support for the victims of 9/11, like a sign saying as much

  35. justhefacts  

    2000 dead americans, international memorial. 10000+ casualties and dead people inflicted by american politics, who cares.

  36. LOL

    The bias in these comments is fucking laughable. Looks like Hillel flooded bwog today

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