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Public Safety has released this artist's rendition of the alleged pterodactyl.

Public Safety has released this artist’s rendering of the alleged pterodactyl.

Bwog received a startling tip yesterday:

“Something GIANT just flew out of the tree outside my window. I couldn’t see what it was, but holy shit. It must have literally been a pterodactyl or something.
The night is dark and full of terrors.”

We reported the incident to Public Safety, who has since launched a full investigation into the matter, dubbed “Operation: Find Petrie.”

Based on recent weather patterns and the hunting preferences of pterodactyls, investigators think it may have moved to around 112th and Broadway, and ask individuals in the area to exercise additional caution.

“We hope to shed light on the darkness surrounding the situation,” said a Public Safety spokesperson. “Please use caution when out late, and may the Lord of Light cast his light upon us all.”  The spokesperson then transformed into a shadow creature and disappeared.

Public Safety photo in collaboration with Shutterstock.

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  1. oh my god bwog  

    if you were on facebook this is when I'd decide to unfriend you

  2. So..  

    ...are you enjoying Welcome to Night Vale?

  3. Anonymous

    So suppose we were to hunt down this mystery pterodactyl. And suppose we were to cook and serve it, since eating unknown and exotic species is a human tradition. Would the resulting meal be called a...

    ...Petrie dish???

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