Bwoglines: The World Is Possibly Ending Edition

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The Earth is feeling that midterm grind too. It's a transition period, you know?

The Earth is feeling that midterm grind too. It’s a transition period, you know?

We now have an ebola “czar.” Ivan Nicholas Alexander  Ron Klain will be responsible for overseeing the US’ response to the ebola crisis. (Reuters News)

Bermuda was struck by a category two hurricane, Gonzalo. (Reuters News)

Kris Jenner is “devastated” that Bruce is dating. Is Bwog the only one who remembers reading a magazine article about him wanting to become a woman? Guess that’s not actually happening. (MSN News)

According to an expert, Japan’s nuclear plants are vulnerable to volcanoes. They’re apparently not safe, even after the tighter safety regulations following the 2011 disaster. (Science Recorder)

In case this Bwoglines has made you lose all hope or faith in the state of our planet/humanity, brighten up! There is happier news today… Courts have knocked down bans on gay marriage in Arizona, Alaska, and Wyoming!! (Chicago Tribune)

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  1. Grey

    is a good source on why the continuing Bruce Jenner Is Trans rumors are bunk and very gross.

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