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Ahh, 2am

Ahh, 2am

What’s going on at two in the morning after the first day of reading week? The Starbucks on 110th Street is closed; the Starbucks on 113th is open. There are many more drunk students making their way home, Public Safety vans prowling. Undergraduate ladies in very high heels and bare legs, and guys in sweatpants with ambiguous brown bags in their hands. The Presbyterian Church on Broadway glows purple and its Christmas wreaths are well lit.

The dining halls don’t open for at least six hours. There are lines visible inside Morton Williams and Westside, despite one pretty barren Broadway. People buy Red Bull and Bud Light in individual cans, trail mix sold by the pound, and plenty of candy bars and Emergen-C. Is there another cold going around?

Those still in Butler are either asleep at their seats or talking quietly in the lobby and lounge. It’s raining again. There are plenty of umbrellas at the more prepared students’ desks, while others wear their hair slightly damp. Some here are on Netflix, some have their heads in their books (or on their books), but most are not at work.

A steady stream of Taylor Swift and J. Cole plays from headphones of passersby and sleepersby and campersby. Maybe they are just gathering the inspiration to make it over to Morton for that next energy drink or until Ferris opens to grab some oatmeal or a bagel, but their days still seem long from over.

The church that always has excellent signage via late night Bwogger’s cell phone camera

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  1. Anonymous  

    It's great cause 2 AM is usually the time I realize that not only am I capable of staying up all night, I most definitely will be staying up all night. It's like the hump-hour of the night.

  2. Anonymous

    This is better Bwog.

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