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That's definitely boxed wine from International

That’s definitely boxed wine from International

It’s that time of the year again folks in which you desperately try to find a significant other to spend Valentine’s Day with in order to not look like a loser. While Tinder or OkCupid may not always do the trick, the one sure fire way to find a snuggle buddy for the looming holiday is Bwog Personals! Each Valentine’s Day season we ask for you all to send in your own personal so we can play matchmaker and make some lovin’ happen. You absolutely will not regret this.

All you have to do is fill out the questionnaire below and send it to us with a picture of yourself to We will post a select few of the future Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants on Bwog throughout the week before Valentine’s Day. If you fancy any of the people we post, send us an email and we’ll hook you guys up. We’ll even throw you $10 for the date so you can get Cinnastix with your Domino’s pizza order. We are not responsible for any bad dates. All personals should be submitted by February 10th.

The Questionnaire:

  • Name, Year, School, Major
  • Preference (guy for guy, etc)
  • Hometown
  • Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer
  • What redeems you as a human being?
  • Library room of choice
  • Beverage of choice
  • The components of your ideal Westside salad
  • Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night?
  • Historical Hottie

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