Fire At 600 West 116th

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A fire has broken out at Barnard dorm 600 West 116th Street. New York fire department is currently on the scene, and the building has been evacuated. A tip reports that smoke reaches all the way to 121st and Broadway and the entire quad is now being evacuated into Lefrak gymnasium. Email if you have any additional information about this emergency, and follow Twitter for information as it comes.

Please remember this is a serious incident thus everyone should exercise caution in the area. Students should feel safe going to Lefrak if they live in the area/the quad.

Update: 11:27 PM: “Ollie’s Broadway walls burst, with shrapnel hitting bystanders. Spectators closed off from Broadway 115-116.”

Update: 11:33 PM

Update: 11:36 PM: Video of the fire courtesy of David Pincus

Update: 11:51 PM: According to a tipster living in Elliot Hall, RAs in the dorm have been telling residents that students living in 600 and the Quad will have to sleep in Lefrak gym tonight. Elliott is offering up lounges/floor space to alleviate crowding in Lefrak.

Update: 11:53 PM: A spreadsheet has now begun circulating amongst Barnard students offering temporary housing for students living in 600. If you are willing to offer up space for the displaced students, you can find the Google Doc here.

Update: 12:10 AM: All residents of the Barnard Quad have been let back into the dorms.

Update: 12:24 AM: Email sent to residents of 600 from Director of ResLife Ann Aversa below:

Update: 1:13 AM: The fire is officially under control. Separately, one Barnard RA reminds us: “Lounges in all Barnard buildings are open to residents and residents are encouraged to find housing for the night as it is unlikely for the building to open until much later.”

Update: 10:45 AM: The following email was sent to all Barnard students from President Debora Spar and Dean Avis Hinkson in regards to last night’s fire. The letter states that residents of 600 were allowed back into the dorm at 8:00 AM this morning. Read the full email below.

Dear members of the Barnard Community,

This morning we are extremely thankful that everyone is safe following last night’s fire in 600. As of 8 a.m. this morning, residents were allowed to re-enter the building. The Facilities staff is working with Con Edison to restore heat, hot water, and gas to the building.

We know that many of you are exhausted and overwhelmed from this frightening experience, and that your routines have been significantly disrupted. If you have concerns that you want to discuss about your classes or assignments, please be in touch with your class dean.

The three students who were taken to the hospital were treated and released. If any additional students are in need of medical treatment or emotional support, remember that the staffs of Barnard Primary Care Health Services or Furman Counseling Center are available to help.

Many thanks are due to staff members in Residential Life, Public Safety, and Facilities, who worked through the night to ensure the safety of our students and to help ready the building to open first thing this morning.  We are also grateful to the many students who offered their classmates from 600 support and a place to stay.

Additionally, as work continues to restore the building to its normal conditions, we are deeply appreciative of the patience and understanding of our students who are displaced. We are committed to making your residence fully available to you as soon as possible, and will continue to provide updates as more information is available.


President Spar
Dean Hinkson

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  1. Anonymous  

    well, sheeit :( This explains the firetruck that appeared to be driving awfully recklessly as I came out of McB.

  2. Anonymous  

    Praying everyone and all FDNY people are OK.

  3. Anonymous  


  4. Witness

    This was really scary, here's hoping everyone is alright. Hoping also there is some student initiative to house these poor people, their home has been completely destroyed.

    • Anonymous

      "Completely destroyed" though? Let's not get carried away.

      • Anonymous

        LOL love the people mindlessly downvoting who don't realize that a comment like "completely destroyed" could really worry a lot of people who might be looking for information on a fire that affected their friend's or relative's dwelling. Just saying that in the interest of not freaking people out, better wording might be more useful. I know my parent would panic if they saw "completely destroyed" in relation to my dorm building.

  5. anon  

    how can we fill out the doc?

  6. Anonymous

    This is the time when Columbia boys be nice and hand their beds over to the BC angels.

    • Anonymous

      strong independent womyn who want gender equality would find that insulting. the act of a man giving up anything for another woman carries the underlying assumption that the woman is weaker. women can crash on the floor too!


      Grownups are talking!

      Seriously, can you troll fucks give it a rest for ONE GODDAMN NIGHT?! While you're posting from East Nowhere, Wyoming, hoping Rush notices you counting coup on Teh Feminits, there's a fire going on, it's NOT under control yet, and frankly it's NOT THE TIME.

      You're never funny, you're never right, but right now you're being even LESS appropriate than usual. GTFO.

  7. ANON  

    Here is a form for hosts, allows unlimited editors

    Here is a form if you are looking for a place to stay:

  8. Anonymous

    Don't see admins offering to host students. What about that scumbag Kristen Cromm. Having students sleep in the gym? Unconscionable. For 50K / yr, they can find housing for students.

  9. Anonymous  

    ^guys are we really going to do this now. we don't even know if everyone is safe.

  10. Anonymous  

    Okay, honestly, reslife should be putting the 600 residents up in hotels. They should not be required to secure their own place to stay during such an emergency.

  11. Benjamin Goldwater

    Here is a form that people can use that has a link to the data (that way there is no 50 person limit)

  12. Anonymous

    Really hope everyone's safe... Except for admins. If one of those low lifes got hit by some shrapnel, that wouldn't entirely ruin my day.

  13. CC '69

    Ollie's --> Panera? Pret a Manger? Dreamers can dream...

  14. Anonymous

    Why isn't Spar there? Why isnt Barbard finding new housing for their own students??

  15. Anonymous

    How is Barnard going to survive without a dorm for the next 6-12 months?

  16. Anonymous

    How is Barnard going to survive without a dorm for the next 6-12 months of construction?

  17. Anonymous

    Any word on what caused this or if it's safe to go back?

  18. Anonymous

    Didn't Ollie's have a fire a few years ago?

  19. 600 resident

    Barnard has handled this all so poorly. Asking students to look for housing at 1 a.m is absolutely ridiculous and expecting us to go into our rooms with toxic fumes, no heating and no gas is even more ridiculous. Don't know where my 5K goes.... Bai forever felicia, glad i'm getting out of here soon.

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