Hot Bwog Meeting Tonight

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This could be us
This could be us

This could be us

Today’s rising temperatures are some of the warmest this city has seen in months, which can only mean one thing for the people here at Bwog: we’re getting a little hot and bothered.

Fifty Shades was lackluster at best, and those pseudo-spontaneous hookup scenes from Gossip Girl just aren’t doing it for us anymore, which is why we need your help.

Even if it’s just a quickie. Come tonight. 6:40 PM. SGO (Room 505) of Lerner. Food will be involved.

Sexcapades in the tunnels via Shutterstock

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  1. Anonymous  

    I just saw a comment on Facebook where someone was bemoaning the fact that International Women's Day is just one day - joking that she didn't know she wasn't supposed to be celebrating her gender for the other 364 days in the year.

    This was the stupidest thing I have ever read, and I really need to get it off my chest.

    The alternative to having an International Women's Day would be:

    a) Having no day to celebrate one's gender at all, which would surely annoy this woman, because then she would feel as though her gender wasn't being sufficiently celebrated. As it happens, I believe this is probably the most reasonable of all outcomes, given that there's really nothing to celebrate about one's gender at all - whether you identify as male, female, or trans*. We're all humans. None of us need a medal for being alive. There's no such thing as international dark hair day, so why the hell do we need to celebrate whether we believe we fall into particular gender constructs?

    b) The other alternative is having a longer arbitrary period of time in which we should celebrate the idea of womanhood. This is all well and good, except what would be the appropriate amount of time? Her logic that celebrating it one day excludes the other 364 would surely carry to 1 month being insufficient, because it would exclude the other 11 months. In this case, the only thing that would appease her is if every day was International Woman's Day, in which case the point of marking it as a holiday or special moment would become redundant.

    So, to you annoying Facebook girl, who often posts just as much inane shit - we're all very pleased that we have days to reflect on all the great things women have done, and all the great things that women are. To suggest that we're not giving women enough credit for their achievements by having one day rather than many is absurd. It's just you demonstrating an incredibly pervasive victim complex, seeking to take issue or be offended by every single thing you experience, and interpreting every event as an example of the patriarchy bringing you down.

    The patriarchy probably exists in some form or another, and many people argue about it wonderfully. You post whiny illogical bullshit all the time. Please stop.

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