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What a queen

What a queen

Returning to Columbia after a summer at home can be an emotionally taxing experience. No one misses their parents, but how do we survive the constant stress of an Ivy League education without our pets? Well, Barnard’s Eva Kerman doesn’t have to. With the Office of Disability Services’ approval, Eva adopted a yorkie to share her Sulz Tower view (and the stress of finals.). Out of a little curiosity and a lot of pet envy, new contributor Mia Lindheimer contacted Eva for a playdate with Matilda, lovingly referred to as Tilly.

Bwog: Matilda, tell us about your journey to campus!

Tilly: Eva is a real-life superhero, and my old owner was a super villain. I was hoarded and neglected, but Eva really came to the rescue! As soon as I saw her loving face, I followed her around everywhere. She took me home and brought me to Manhattan, away from all the hoarders in the hellhole that is South Carolina.

B: And now that you’re enjoying the Big Apple, have you found a favorite hang out spot?

T: I love Riverside Park, but that’s only for special occasions. On most days, you can find me hanging out on Low Steps or jamming out to my sound machine in my air conditioned room.

B: You have a killer Instagram! What inspires your aesthetic?

T: I’m lucky to have my publicist, Brittany Searles, to take care of posting for me, but I’m in charge of my fabulous outfits—I’m always in the latest yorkie couture. Follow me @Matilda_the_yorkie!

B: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of dorm living?

T: The biggest problem is I can’t pee whenever I want. I hate having to time my bowel movements around Eva’s class schedule. It’s all made up for though—I love all of Eva’s friends and getting attention. I am the most popular dog on campus and I can’t get enough of it! Eva tells me she was looking for a very specific dog who was nice and calm around everyone, but I didn’t really give her a choice. I think she realizes now that I’m perfect, even though I’m a bit of a drama queen!

Thank you to Eva for letting me play with your dog—we are all glad to have Matilda scampering around campus!

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  1. Matilda  

    Thank you, Bwog, for this great article! I am so honored to be considered a famous dog on campus!

  2. Anonymous  

    You can get dog training pads for when matilda is home alone and needs to pee

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