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You, if you win the Starbucks sweepstakes

You, if you win the Starbucks sweepstakes

With only one week (one week!) left before the start of finals, studying is starting to get desperate. We can practically smell the infernal stink of entrenched Butler campers already. Bwog knows you’re stressed out, and Bwog is here to provide you with enough coffee and good vibes to get your groove back.

Five lucky Starbucks customers between December 8th to January 11th will win Starbucks for life. Yeah, that’s right: Starbucks for life – one free food and drink item a day for thirty years. You get entered once each time you make a purchase at a participating store, so start increasing your coffee intake now. (Time)

Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg vocalized his and the social network’s support for Muslims in the wake of Donald Trump’s recent racist statements. Facebook has previously come under fire for adhering to censorship laws in some countries, but with this move, Zuckerberg is supporting freedom of speech and enabling the civil liberties of people in Middle Eastern countries. (Yibada)

Science has figured out how to breed dogs through in vitro fertilization! A litter of in vitro puppies was born in July, and now, five months later, they’re still healthy – proving that the techniques behind their birth was successful. These pups (and others like them) will be influential in progress towards saving endangered dogs and researching diseases in both dogs and humans. (CNN)

This February, in response to recent customer feedback, United Airlines will once again serve free snacks on their flights. These snacks will include rice crackers, mini pretzel sticks, and, during morning flights, stroopwafels – Dutch breakfast pastries that United calls “a little bit of caramel heaven between crisp wafers.” United recommends warming these stroopwafels on one’s coffee cup for two minutes before eating. (Miami Herald)

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