Bwog In Bed: Be Your Own Hero Edition

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Bwog wants YOU to believe in yourself!

Yes, we know, it’s Monday. And not just any Monday – the Monday of finals week. To get through this trying time, you’re going to need courage, perseverance, and the kind of ridiculously positive attitude that will make all the cartoon villains resent you. Unfortunately, Bwog can’t give you an epic training montage, but we can at least provide a few tips.

Bwogline: The cast for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” the sequel stage production opening in London next summer, now has three important members: Jamie Parker as Harry Potter, Paul Thornley as Ron Weasley, and Noma Dumezweni as Hermione Granger. Dumezweni, an actress of South African heritage, bears little resemblance to Emma Watson, but we’re certain she’ll kick ass as the brightest witch of her age anyway. (The Guardian)

Study tip: Every so often, get up! Stretch! Get your blood pumping! Shout a warcry! (Either out loud or in your head, depending on where you’re studying.) Pretend you’re about to go into battle, or that you just drank a triple espresso. Whatever works.

Procrastinate: If you like humor, art, or neither, you’ll probably enjoy officialunitedstates. Advertised as “the most official bad text posts from the USA,” this blog features opinions on everything, from trains to Hilary Clinton to the insects Mars does not have. Its moderator is truly a hero of our time.

Music: Your favorite movie’s soundtrack. Whether it’s Star Wars, Mulan, or Pride & Prejudice, listening to the music from your favorite movie while you work will cause you to visualize the scenes from that movie, which in turn will motivate you more than some arbitrary study playlist. (If your favorite movie’s soundtrack is not quite up to par, Bwog recommends the tracks of Pacific Rim, How to Train Your Dragonand Mad Max: Fury Road.)

Overheard: “I thought I heard the primal scream happening earlier, but turns out that was just in my head.”

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