Field Notes: Barely Hanging On Edition

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Push to flush ... our finals? We wish.

Push to flush … our finals? We wish.

Finals are a trying time – not only for our minds, but also for our hearts, bodies, and souls. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun on the weekend … right? We’re stressed and we’re distressed, but we’re hanging on. At least, we’d like to think we are. And, as always, if you’d like to contribute to our notes from the field, send in your stories to

We’re doing okay, really:

  • Went to a zine fair with my friend in top floor of New Museum and saw Mac DeMarco and Dev Hynes. Mac went onto the balcony to smoke a cig so we did too. I had lied about my age to get a free under-18 ticket (instead of paying $10) by showing them an email my high school had sent me this fall about homecoming.
  • Went on a tinder date to Hungarian Pastry, against Bwog rules
  • Finished my final paper in two sessions fueled by ~study aids~.
  • Ex is in NYC but I’m not seeing him so I’m ~proud of myself~
  • Went to to soul cycle–wondered if I was feeling the same way my roommate feels when she goes to church
  • FINALLY got the case of sparkling ice drinks that I ordered
  • Went to insomnia at like 9pm on Friday night.
  • A friend who came home from Berkeley helped us smoke about an 1/8th on the roof
  • Had a babysitting gig where I held a 5-month old for three hours while constantly passing him off to twenty-somethings who oohed and ahhed over him. Did basically nothing, earned $120, and ate really good party food in the presence of an actual Christmas tree.
  • Finished my Russian final in less time than anyone else despite writing more on the essay part than everyone else.
  • Learned that people thought I disappeared during the LitHum final because I finished and turned it in so quickly.
  • Blasted music in Butler after Orgo Night because I was the only person in the room. Very cathartic experience.

It could be better:

  • Was just woken up by my roommate disrespectfully arguing with her parents and wondered how different my life would be if I didn’t have a crazy-ass black mom
  • Got wine drunk over dinner with a high school friend, then went to the weirdest gallery opening I’ve ever seen (in TriBeca? Don’t remember too well tbh) that included an installation of a child’s plastic picnic table draped with a velvet cape and scissors lying on top. My friend was like “we are leaving immediately” and we went to hang out in the vestibule with her friend who was working door, while my friend waited for her tinder date and I tried to get sober.
  • Went to the met while extremely high. I felt like I could dive into the paintings. It was all fun and games until I heard a tour guide or someone with a met ID whispering about “the little lady with the reddish hair,” at which point I got too paranoid that they were onto me and had to leave.
  • Had some computer issues at 10pm on a Sunday night. Yelled “fuck” rather loudly. Realized that I am not currently living in a dorm and yelling “fuck” rather loudly at 10pm is frowned upon in non-dorm environments.
  • Went to Levain for the first time. waited outside in the cold for 45 minutes for a cookie, so I justified buying two when we finally got up to the register.
  • Helped my friend carry her stuff from her room to her mom’s car. Her stuff was crammed into about fifteen tote bags because, for some reason, she didn’t have a suitcase. Who doesn’t have a suitcase?! Where did she get all these tote bags?!
  • Thought I was dying of overheating during Orgo Night.
  • Actually died of overheating during Orgo Night, but was helped out by a nice security guard.
  • Told my visiting Tufts friend about Primal Scream and she told me Tufts had a group hug.

Alright, maybe we need some help:

  • Kept telling myself I’d go to the library but instead just disappeared under my sleep mask
  • Woke up this morning to discover that my suite-mate stole a rug from off the street last night…….sudden flashbacks to the corpse-rug of Morningside Heights.
  • Observed the band in front of Furnald, as the only spectator, after Orgo Night. All I could understand was the same repeated punchline about penises so I continued to Butler.
  • Put my flashdrive into my mom’s laptop for reasons that, in retrospect, were not worth it. Watched in mild horror as her laptop inexplicably started encrypting everything on my flashdrive. Spent a frantic half hour emailing the contents of the flashdrive to myself from her computer so that they weren’t lost forever.
  • My friends and I spent an hour walking around West Village in the freezing cold on Saturday, in search of an art gallery that was having the last day of its installation. When we found out it was actually in Chinatown and that the Instagram location feature had lied to us, we gave in and took an Uber there.
  • Relied on the kindness of strangers no less than four times while dragging my massive amount of stuff on the subway, then on the train home. Had my faith in humanity somewhat restored.
  • Ran out of milk for my cereal and used yogurt drink instead, which was a bad decision.
  • Didn’t study for my Monday final.

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