Bwog In Bed: Is This The Real Life? Edition

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An accurate rendering of the inside of our brains during finals

An accurate rendering of the inside of our brains during finals

Finals are almost over. Your ability to sit in a library for hours on end is running low. You’re starting to wonder if this is really your life, or some kind of hellish vision that your brain concocted during your freshman year of high school and has been punishing you with ever since. But don’t despair – as much as life right now might seem terrible, the end is in sight. Don’t resort to skipping town just yet.

Bwogline: New York City has recently passed new guidelines against gender-identity discrimination, including general bans on discrimination in housing and hiring as well as more specific rules about dress codes, bathrooms, and pronoun use. For NYC’s 25,000 trans and gender-nonconforming residents, this news might seem almost too good to be true – our city is really making a big step forward. (Miami Herald)

Study tip: Study in intervals – plan out not just when you’ll take breaks, but how much you’ll achieve in between those breaks. That way, your breaks will feel more deserved. And when you do break, consider doing something creative, like doodling, making origami out of your notes, or writing a haiku about what you’ll do once you get out of your final. Taking a creative break will help you return to your work with renewed focus.

Procrastinate: Remember those fun “educational” online games you used to play as a kid before you discovered social media? Well, they’re still around, and they’re still a great way to distract yourself from your responsibilities. Bwog recommends the Funbrain Arcade – in one of the games, you can shoot penguins out of the sky with snowballs. What could be more satisfying than that?

Music: Nothing gets us fired up like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s the classic inspirational song, complete with raging guitar melodies and lyrics about murder. Just be careful that you don’t start singing along passionately in the middle of Butler. (And then, maybe listen to We Will Rock You or Another One Bites the Dust.)

Overheard: “I’m wearing a low cut shirt, so if the final doesn’t work out, maybe I can fuck my professor instead.”

Quickly advancing doom via Shutterstock; Overheard via Overheard @ Barnard

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