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This picture is a highly inaccurate representation of Bwog Poetry. Enjoy.

Now seems like a pretty good time to reflect upon the past year, so we used a website called Poetweet to turn some of our tweets from this year into poetry. Poetweet kindly produced a sonnet, a rondel, and an indriso, and even titled the poems for us. Some of the stanzas are quite apt, and we were even able to forget for a moment that we’re still on this fucking campus. 

Out more – A Sonnet
by Bwog

On weekends without using roofies
Have chosen to sleep on the floor.
We’ve already made enemies
Safety officer blocking the door

Set your vibrators to phone!
Read this review instead!
Not as sexy as our concocted one.
A bottle over someone else’s head?

Why we’re going to Maine -@cudems
From yours truly, your professors.
Speech and Press (or so it seems)

Live-blogging the Spec elections
“Pumped” for those final finals!
Workers in sweatshop conditions.

Using roofies – A Rondel
by Bwog

Bwog got (understandably) excited.
But they sure are entertaining.
Tonight! Parental units prohibited.
“Why is everyone screaming?”

An unfeeling Bwog dispenses advice.
Bad, or totally inconsequential??
We will not let you fund injustice
SGA proposes you submit proposals!

We all scream for Primal Scream!!!
Story please come to the sundial.
Up next: football team
And Chris Pratt-denial…
Still live the Eat Pray Love dream!


Your freshmen – An Indriso
by Bwog, dedicated to CUMB

In our dreams. Our sweetest dreams.
With artist Wayne Koestenbaum.
To get gory (for the other teams).

209 is NO LONGER a safe space
“Columbia is Bernie Sanders”
Maché masterpiece of PrezBo’s face

Control your freshmen

(Read: Ferris caterpillars).

Sarcastic Picture Chosen By Sad Bwogger via Shutterstock

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  1. Hey bwog

    Why did u delete all the cuss videos?

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