Bwog In Bed: New Level Edition

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It’s (technically) the last day of finals, but we’re hoping your professors moved your finals that were supposed to be today to some time last week. Most of Bwog is home by now, and we’re using this winter vacation to relax, recharge, and return to school feeling like we’re “on a new level” (or something).

Bwogline: If you haven’t already heard, a study reports that high levels of lead have been found in children’s blood in Flint, Michigan due to lead-tainted drinking water. (CBS News)

Study Tip: Have you seen all those snap stories of the sunrise from the Butler roof and been jealous? (Don’t be–we really believe all-nighters to be unnecessary). Take a much-needed study break, though, by visiting one of the roofs on campus, such as that of Butler, Havemeyer, or Mudd (but don’t get caught!).

Procrastinate: Still have to finish that final paper? At least pretend that you’re doing work with this game that is supposed to look like a Word document.

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