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Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Columbia/Barnard Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) recently united to form a new student activist group on campus called Columbia University Apartheid Divest. The group hosted their first event tonight in order to educate the Columbia community about their campaign, Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS). The event as well as the group sparked conversation on campus in the past few days. You can find live coverage of the event, known as BDS 101, below.

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  1. Anonymous

    there will be a J Street CU meeting after at 930 in the Kraft Center's 5th floor for all those wondering how to reach a peaceful two state solution without such extreme methods as BDS.

  2. fyi

    come to JStreet's event after on how to reach a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict without using tactics such as BDS that hurt moderates and civilians on both sides. The event will be on the 5th floor of the Kraft Center at 915 pm tonight.

  3. dan

    Why do you need to give it so much publicity? who cares about yet another group that has an event on campus? So many other events that are going on on-campus and don't get this much exposure. Let them be, no need to cover them that much.

  4. seriously?

    bwog is covering this WAY too breathlessly.

    • seriously?

      Now that some of the actual live updating has been posted, I want to strengthen my point.

      Bwog, I get that you're going for some kind of Gawker aesthetic, but you're really missing the mark here.

      This kind of completely credulous, oddly vapid, coverage is not a good look for you at all. Are you endorsing SJP's anti-Semitic, anti-Israel apartheid lunacy? Because then your readers deserve to know that. Otherwise, don't give us this live update, real time crap. Take a few hours, digest, think critically, and THEN employ your best snark as you tell us what went on and what you think of it.

      • Anonymous  

        Honestly, it's the time when we pay attention to Bwog. And it's high-return, low-effort on their part. (Especially here- seriously, a one-paragraph intro and then let the feed do the work.)

        If it wasn't for this sort of thing, plus sororities and CUMB, they'd really be up the creek as far as interest-building. (Their "feud" with Spec and reposting stuff from the actual Blue and White- which is usually great work, but is the B&W's work, not Bwog's- doesn't get it done so much.)

  5. concerned citizen  

    It's ironic you say BDS "sparked conversation" when BDS by definition promotes nothing but a monologue

  6. nice

    wow bwog great journalism. great unbiased journalism.
    "18:57 by Jessica Jones
    Aryeh is here lol"

  7. dan

    the term is Arab Palestinian. Bwog please know your stuff if you cover it.

  8. dan

    good stuff BWOG.

    initially you called it "the wall". then you talked about apartheid, then said "apartheid wall".... implementing the theory as it is i assume?

  9. dan

    LITERALLY - I thought you said no direct quotations, only a summary?

  10. concernedstudent  

    "tenements"...jesus bwog get your shit straight.

    This is a pathetic attempt at journalism. Your weird obsession with Spec is, well, weird. They do journalism, you do...something.

    It's not 2010 anymore.

    • lol  

      If Spec does journalism, where were they during this event?
      For that matter, why did bwog report on the petition just hours after it launched while spec waited two days, backdated the article to make it look like they'd done it earlier, and hid it from their front page? Spec hasn't done real journalism in ages, I'm glad somebody's moving in to fill the gap

  11. Anonymous  

    Thanks for that! I couldn't make it and that was really nice to read!

  12. Anonymous

    SJP members have a bigger persecution complex than Patriots fans.

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