Fire In Barnard’s Elliott Hall

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Elliott on a sunnier day…

This morning at about 2:30am, residents of Barnard’s Elliott Hall were evacuated due to a fire. Barnard did not activate the emergency alert system, and as of now there has been no¬†further information from the school.

Even residents of Elliott aren’t sure what happened. According to one tipster, a resident’s lamp started the fire. Another tipster wrote in saying that, “Firefighters or Barnard staff somehow damaged Elliott pipe system, leading to substantial water damage in at least 505, 405, 305, etc.” If residents were expecting a clarification from Barnard, they seem to be S.O.L.

However, students living on floors 3 through 5 were allegedly told, “your stuff is probably soaking wet.”

Looking Exactly Like Claremont via Barnard

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