Introducing The Class of 2020: Columbia Rox And Everyone Else Sux

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Forget tampons, we want some Pantone 290 skivvies

Most of us look back on the early posts of our class Facebook groups with shame and bewilderment—they are testament to the one quality that freshmen at every institution embody: utter doltishness. If you’ve ever hoped that the species would evolve past this kind of posturing, it was in vain, for the Columbia Class of 2020 is no better than the rest of us. In fact, they might be worse: they spread their misinformation and make their friendships on GroupMe, far away from the watchful eyes of Columbia administrators (haven’t you heard? Facebook is for old people.). And so, today we present to you screenshots from “Lion Order [lion emoji].” These, in particular, show how very proud these youngsters are of making it to MoHi. We hope that like us, you’ll fall in love with their passion and vulgarity.

We’re Better Than All The Other Ivies:

Cornell Bashing:

We Want To Buy Columbia Underwear:

Roar, Lion, Roar!

Screenshots courtesy of Bwog Staff

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  1. they'll regret these later

    but hindsight is 2020

  2. Do you need this?

    I don't regret it rn... #LionOrder4ever #Columbia2020istooduckinglit

  3. OG member

    "They don't want us to have a lit group chat"
    -DJ Khaled

  4. Cat

    No regrets boiiiz #lionorderliveson

  5. The Real Slim Shady




  7. Anonymous

    You didn't have to infiltrate we'll spread the litness in the fall no worries

  8. LO4L

    I didn't know the current students were THAT excited to meet us. Did Rae Sremmurd take all of the real excitement with them when they left

  9. That's all that you got?

    There was so much better stuff that you could have posted! #penetrateme #impregnateme

  10. cc16  

    I'm so glad I'm leaving

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