Introducing The Columbia Class Of 2020: Just Plain Weird

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Yesterday we showed you the first glimpse of Columbia’s Class of 2020 from the—now deceased—Lion Order [lion emoji] GroupMe, which included abounding enthusiasm for an idyllic scholar’s life and quite a bit of misguided aggression towards other schools. While we won’t deny those are the two things which Columbia prefrosh most prominently grasp onto in those strange times between the end of high school and the beginning of college—yes, we all remember the last summer undedicated to study abroad or an underpaid internship—we soon realized that there is much more to the Class of 2020. We hope to reveal, in their own words, what the Class of 2020 is really like. To be quite honest, it can be somewhat weird.

Prefrosh Really Like To Rank On Other Schools

Aspiring Political Activists

Things Actual Columbia Students Would Say you can thank us later. you can thank us at 1020.


Just Plain Weird

So Meta

Screenshots courtesy of Bwog Staff

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    Isn't there enough material without repeating ones from the last post on these young 'uns?

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