Bwoglines: Finally Making It Happen Edition

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When you turn in your last paper ...

When you turn in your last paper …

“Lemonade,” Beyonce’s new (and already acclaimed) album, is now available for sale on iTunes, as of midnight last night. (CNN)

Former Sen. Harris Wofford, age 90, is engaged to marry Matthew Charlton, age forty, at the end of the month – twenty years after his wife’s death. Wofford said “he doesn’t characterize himself by the gender of those he loves.” (Or the age, apparently.) (The Hill)

Yesterday, British astronaut Tim Peake competed in the London marathon from the International Space Station using a treadmill and harness system. His time was 3:35.21. (NPR)

Charles Koch – oil tycoon, university donor, and subject of a Bwog article last week – had words of support for Hillary Clinton in an interview yesterday, despite their differing beliefs. (CNN)

Kanye West made an “Imma let you finish” joke at his friend’s wedding in Miami on Saturday. Apparently no microphone is safe around him. (NY Daily News)

The runner, the legend via Suivolo

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