Views From The 6(th Floor of Diana): Barnard In Ruins

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This past week, a few lucky Bwoggers got the chance to experience the glorious Diana Center rooftop and look over PrezBo’s Manhattanville. We were also lucky enough to catch a bird’s eye glimpse of the Barnard campus now that it’s under full construction. We figured it would probably still have the beloved walkway that connected Milbank and Barnard Hall. Maybe some spotty patches of the Barnard lawn. But alas, we were in for a rude awakening.

The Barnard that exists beyond the fucking loud tunnel we must now use looks like the apocalypse. Not a single blade of grass to be found. All of our fond memories of Big Sub and WBAR-B-Q—gone. Just a bunch of metal and never-ending gray material (sort of like our hearts.) Upon seeing the ruins, we were forced to fully accept that the pre-2016 Barnard is long gone.

Since the Diana roof is not too accessible to students, we’ve heard that you can catch a great view of the construction zone from the stairway in Barnard Hall facing north. We highly recommend any senior or sad Barnard student take a minute to glance over the hell that has become our campus to get some last minute happy-feels before the end of the semester.

Because we feel bad to have upset you with that pic of Barnard, here is a much nicer view from the Diana rooftop.

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  1. if you've seen the vid  

    can we please start calling bwog "blob" now?

  2. Anonymous

    I thought they were supposed to make a rooftop park open to students.

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