Field Notes: Baby Bwog Is Growing Up Edition

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This is how Adult Bwog decorates.

Now that everyone is back on campus, we’re all feeling a little older and a little wiser. The field notes from move-in really exemplify the hardcore adulting that’s been taking place, and we think our parents would be proud…until they see the rest of this post, in which we make a royal mess of our lives (as usual).

Proving That We’re All Grown Up…

  • Had an energy drink for the first time, bought using change found underneath a ButCafe vending machine.
  • Got a piano.
  • Spent 3 hrs in line with suite mates to get into eco reps. Came out with a metal shelving unit, 4 hooks, a shoe rack, and a star wars poster all for $10.
  • Reminisced about Carman life with newly moved in freshmen. They asked me for advice on smoking in dorms.
  • Spent ten minutes right outside of Bed, Bath, and Beyond deciding whether or not to buy a faux-fur chair. Ended up doing it. So worth it.
  • Heard William Shatner talk at length about String Theory.
  • Didn’t set foot once on Columbia’s campus.

…Or Not.

  • Met my new roommate and her dad for the first time while tipsy after returning from a band party. (Luckily they couldn’t tell.)
  • Pretty much only unpacked my bed linens (so that I could take a nap).
  • Made an ugly painting in my friend’s room using her water color set. It was therapeutic and she hung my painting on her wall.
  • Citi biked with my dad. He thought I was behind him but I was actually in front of him; he turned around at 60th street and wound up in the 70s while I made it to 42nd and then had to use stranger’s phone to call him because he had my phone in his pocket (I was wearing biker shorts).
  • Crashed on a couch because Columbia refused to give me housing when I actually needed it. Slept better than I normally do.
  • Blasted “IMDABES” on concert-quality speakers.

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