CCSC Announces The Return Of Free Tampons

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Tampongate continues

Tampongate continues

After a free-tampon saga prompted by a Spec op-ed, Columbia College Student Council has announced new details regarding the program. There was a commotion after a student posted in the Columbia Class of 2017 group after Health Services refused to give them free tampons this fall. Last night, a source told Bwog that CCSC President Nicole Allicock announced free tampons would be offered again soon. Today at noon, CCSC posted on their Facebook page reassuring that free pads and tampons are once again available on John Jay’s 4th floor for any students who request them at the front desk.

Here’s the message from CCSC:

We’re happy to announce that Columbia Health Services will be providing free tampons and pads on both the 4th floor and 3rd floor of John Jay Medical Services offices. Columbia Health has continually provided tampons and pads on the 4th floor of John Jay if students ask at the front desk. To access these, you can ask at the check in desk anytime Medical Services is open (Monday-Thursday, 8am – 6:30pm; Friday 8am – 4:30pm; Saturday 10am – 3:30pm).

Health Services will also implement a new location where tampons and pads will be distributed, on the 3rd floor of John Jay. These will be available Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. They can be found in the drawer in the waiting room cabinet, along with safer sex supplies.

CCSC will continue to work with Health Services to expand the distribution of tampons and pads to other locations on campus, including bathrooms.

Tampongate Illustration via Nikki Shaner-Bradford

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