Junzi Kitchen To Open In Deluxe’s Former Location

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Construction has already begun on Junzi's new location

Construction has already begun on Junzi’s new location

Junzi Kitchen, a business started by Yale alums, will be bringing Northern Chinese cuisine in a fast-food format to MoHi in early 2017. The restaurant will be in Deluxe’s former location on Broadway between 113th and 112th.

The menu consists of bings (which are wraps) or noodle bowls which can be topped with meat, vegetables, and sauces. Based on the information on the website, the cost of a meal is around $9 (which is pretty consistent with prices at other neighborhood eateries)–seeing as we live in Manhattan, though, and not “New Haven,” prices may be higher at the Columbia location. You can check out the full menu on Junzi’s website.

RIP Deluxe’s soggy food via Junzi Kitchen’s Instagram

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  1. Caitlin

    Interned in New Haven over the summer & Junzi is amazing, and while the noodle bowls are a bit expensive they can last for two meals if you have any modicum of self-control (which I do not). In NH they do cool late night Night Lunches w local chefs (more expensive @ $20 for three courses) and have recently started putting on markets with local vendors & restaurants, so I'm curious to see how much is coming to NY

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