Bwoglines: Sticky-Fingered Edition

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get caught sticky-fingered

don’t get caught sticky-fingered lol

AT&T made a deal to buy Time Warner for $84.5 billion yesterday. The companies expect to finalize the deal by the end of 2017. Trump commented that because of his view on the consolidation of major media companies, he wouldn’t have approved the deal. (The Wall Street Journal)

Major websites such as Twitter, Airbnb, Spotify and Netlix were hacked. The hack used other internet dependent devices without the consent of the private owners and created major internet traffic. U.S. Homeland Security is currently investigating this latest attack. (New York Times)

A woman smeared thirty cars with peanut butter on what she thought were cars of Trump supporters. It turns out that they were part of the Tomorrow River Conservation Club. Officials found the woman intoxicated and licking her fingers. (Huffington Post)

25 people were harmed in a chemical incident in the London City Airport. Over 500 people were evacuated as several passengers began to feel ill. Discovered to be due to gas spray, investigators are looking into the potential causes of the accident. (Buzzfeed)


All of your buttery needs via The Huffington Post

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