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And just when you thought Carman could not get more ratchet! Thanks to an anonymous, Columbia Housing might actually clean up this real life haunted house. This is beyond Mr. Clean.

Yesterday, Bwog received a tip confirming what we all knew in our first-year hearts to be true anyway: Carman has mold. You can read the tip below:

In case this wasn’t common knowledge, Carman has mold. About two weeks ago, there was an incident on Carman 4 where it was discovered that most of the floor’s residents had mold-infested AC units. Housing sent people in to deal with the mold about a day after the initial discovery and report, and the smell of mold removal chemicals wafted through the rooms and hallway of Carman 4 for the next two days.

carman 4 mold

Image via Nino Dickersin CC ’20

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  1. Anonymous

    It has all been cleaned up.

  2. Anonymous  

    Oh yeah, back in my freshman year Hartley told us to spray bleach on it (because the mold in my room had infested the entirety of both corners by the window) and wished us the best of luck.

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