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EW! what is THAT

EW! what is THAT

In response to increasing instances of hatred against minorities on campus and on social media, several colleges, from Columbia University to the University of Tennessee, have organized post-election reflection meetings in an effort to offer support and resources to the marginalized and the concerned. (The New York Times)

Some scientists believe that increased carbon dioxide levels, warmer temperatures, and “Arctic greening,” or the growth of vegetation in the north due to warmer temperatures, have led trees to pull more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. However, this proves only a temporary solution to global warming. (The Washington Post)

The residents of Monroe County in south Florida have voted to allow British biotech company Oxitech to release millions of genetically modified mosquitos that would decrease the population of insects carrying the Zika virus. (WIRED)

In a pre-fight press conference, after perceiving signs of aggression from his opponent, UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor nearly threw a chair at him. However, McGregor had second thoughts once he remembered the fines he would have to pay. (FOX Sports)

in my opinion we should kill all mosquitos via Victor Moriyama/Getty Images

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