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Turkey mourns its fallen after two bombings shocked Istanbul

Turkey declares day of mourning for the fallen after two bombings rocked Istanbul

Amidst the controversy of Trump’s cabinet, rumors are swirling over the president-elect’s potential Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson. Who might that be? Only ExxonMobil’s CEO who also has alleged ties to Russia, in case the story wasn’t juicy enough for the man who has never worked for the government before. (NBC News)

On Sunday, two explosions went off in Turkey’s capital near the Besiktas stadium, killing 38 and wounding more than 160 others. The nation declared a day of mourning as 13 suspects have been detained in Istanbul. (Aljazeera)

Doctors in London have gathered to officially stand against diesel cars in the metropolis. Estimating around 6,400 people die of the toxic fumes, London doctors now stand with cities like Athens and Madrid which have committed to ban diesel vehicles by 2025. Another environmental (and health) victory looks imminent as the campaign gains traction. (BBC)

The president of Italy has chosen Paolo Gentiloni to replace Matteo Renzi as Prime Minister, suggesting continuity of the centre-left politics will persevere following the country’s referendum on constitutional reforms. Gentiloni is said to have “no political agenda” and therefore is an appropriate fit- Italy will have to wait and see. (The Guardian)

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    why did you take down the post about the dark enlightenment book in butler?

  2. bwog

    but really why did you take down the post about the dark enlightenment book in butler?

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    put the dark enlightenment post back, no point in trying to unring a bell

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    can we talk about the nazi recruitment material uncovered in butler seems relevant to student life and whatnot

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    istanbul isnt turkey's capital

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    bwog is literally never able to handle instances when it's actually relevant lmao

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    you guys are crazy if you don't think there's more to this story. We're all confused about why Bwog deleted it because we only know half of what's happening, I guarantee it. Either the administration or the police or their lawyer told Bwog to take that down and not talk about it.

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