Bwog in Bed: Throwback to 2008

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Bet you haven’t forgotten that you have a final tomorrow!

Bwogline: Yesterday, many Silicon Valley tech firms had a meeting in New York City with President Elect Donald Trump. At the meeting, Trump made a promise to the firms that he would make fair trade deals.

Study Tip: If you need to remember long lists of names, dates, or events, make fun mnemonics to help yourself remember them. Think “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.” The weirder or dirtier, the better!

Music: Stop being scared for your finals and be “Fearless” instead by throwing it back to your old Taylor Swift favorite songs.

Procrastinate: Make an account on Duolingo and start teaching yourself that language that you’ve always wanted to learn and never had a chance to!

Overheard: “I made a Millie girl gang group.”

String on Your Finger via Interaction Associates

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