Bwog in Bed: Last Week Edition

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Rex Tillerson, looking smug and white as usual
Rex Tillerson, looking smug and white as usual

does this look like the face of mercy

Bwogline: In case you were wondering how much fuller Donald Trump’s cabinet swamp could get, newly appointed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson evaded taxes in the Bahamas while running a US-Russian oil firm. (The Guardian)

Study Tip: Get out of Butler! If you’re looking for a neat new study space, try the Gottesman Library (ft. treadmills and standing desks) at Teachers College, open until 1 a.m.!

Music: Chill out and take an upbeat approach to your on-again-off-again hookup with Robotaki’s future-pop single, “Ghostboy.”

Procrastination: If you’re looking for quick ways to take time off while studying, watch 20 videos at a time from “important videos,” a 311-video playlist with mostly 30-second videos.

Overheard: “Want to hear, objectively speaking, the worse phrase I have ever used in an essay?”

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