Bwog In Bed: The End

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Whether it's by plane, train, or bus, get ready to say goodbye to Columbia for a bit!

Whether it’s by plane, train, or bus, get ready to say goodbye to Columbia for a bit!

Bwogline: Despite bipartisan support for the issue, the North Carolina legislature failed to repeal the controversial House Bill No. 2, which limited bathroom access and other human rights for LGBTQ people. (New York Times)

Study Tip: If you still have finals, you’re probably in cram mode. Give yourself a little break before your last test (or before you conclude your last essay) and grab a piece of chocolate – some studies say that it helps memory, but regardless, it’s worth it.

Music: Whether you need bravery for your last final, for your fear of planes, or just because you’re about to face a lot of intense family time, we all could use some bravery in our lives. Let Sara Bareilles inspire you as you get ready to end the semester.

Procrastination: Read all the CULPA reviews for your professors for next semester, and get ahead of the game by googling / wikipedia-ing them. You can procrastinate saying goodbye to your professors from this semester by getting ready for the next one!

Overheard: “I can’t wait to live with my friends next year so that I can tell them all the shit they do that pisses me off.”

Leaving on a Jet Plane via JFK Airport

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