Bill Gates And Warren Buffet Talk About Everything At Columbia

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Two of the world’s biggest leaders, innovators, and billionaires, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, appeared at an event sponsored by Columbia Business School yesterday to discuss the current state of the country, business, philanthropy, and more with Charlie Rose. Both guests reminisced about their friendship and love of games (like bridge!) as well as their concerns and thoughts about America’s role in the world. When asked if the United States should focus internally before helping internationally, Buffett spoke quite eloquently of the fact that “every life is of equal value.”

The questions asked by Columbia students at the event ranged from sentimental and aspirational to politically charged. One student asked the two leaders, “If the current government were to ask your advice on immigration and healthcare reform, what would you say?” To which both Buffett and Gates responded with answers decidedly in disagreement with the current administration’s platform, and more in favor of the improvement of as many lives as possible. Another student asked about how the two billionaires choose to donate their money, and how they evaluate potential causes. Gates took a very rational, economic approach, waxing on about how a large donation to pay for the creation of a vaccine ends up panning out to a marginal cost of less than a dollar per actual vaccine and is therefore worth it.

The event ran for about an hour and fifteen minutes, taking questions from Columbia students, Facebook commenters, and moderator questions from Charlie Rose. The ultimate result was a sweeping discussion covering topics from investment to Einstein to books that change lives. For a front-row seat to the event, you can watch the entire discussion below.

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