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The crowds are getting restless as JJ’s Place is still closed for reconstruction, leaving the student body with only Ferris and the converted JohnJJ’s as their only place of nutrition. Staff Writer Bella Tincher got the scoop on what Columbia Dining has to say about how the project is going and if Columbia will ever get its beloved third dining hall back.

On the night of January 22, 2017, we lost a key element to Columbia dining; JJ’s was flooded and closed for an undisclosed amount of time. No more late nights in a dungeon-like atmosphere that allowed any student to gorge themselves on mozzarella sticks and fries in peace. With the student body slowly getting used to the strange hybrid that is JohnJJ’s, it’s time that we investigate what’s really going on in that basement.

After contacting Columbia Dining, I found the answer to the real hard hitting questions that everyone is asking. According to Columbia Dining, there was an unforeseen collapsed pipe in the infrastructure, so the french fry heaven had no choice but to close. The pipes were actually scheduled for repair for the summer of 2017, but JJ’s just couldn’t wait and decided to flood on its own terms. Since then, the underground piping has had to be completely removed and replaced. Apparently maintenance staff has been working extended shifts in order to get JJ’s back up in running on schedule (the goal is to reopen in March, by the end of spring break); meaning that the greasy chicken strips and fried macaroni and cheese will be back to filling Columbia students’ stomachs in no time.

But of course the burning question still remains. Will JJ’s have a new look? Will the same yellow flourescent lights reflect on the same cozy (but always slightly sticky??) dining area? I am sad/glad to say that JJ’s is planning on looking the same as it did pre-pipe burst (except for the floor, which had to be destroyed in the removal of the old pipes). Instead Columbia Dining is only looking at this project from a maintenance point of view, saying that “the ultimate goal is to return JJ’s Place to service as quickly as possible.”

JJ’s Place Update via Columbia University Dining Facebook

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