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Exercise is actually a means of procrastination?

Managing Editor Betsy Ladyzhets is not nearly as good at managing her life as she is at managing Bwog, but most of her casual acquaintances, classmates, and daily editors don’t know it. She shares some crucial tips for maintaining a veneer of respectability when, in truth, your life is collapsing faster than a biochem major’s ego after the return of an orgo midterm.

1. Make your bed every morning. This is one of the simplest ways to make yourself appear more on top of your schedule than you are, even if only your roommate sees the evidence. They’ll think, wow, what a motivated person, actually pulling the covers up. Plus, jumping on top of your bed to tuck in all the edges is a nice way to get your energy going.

2. Dress well. Or at least, dress in clothes that match. Or at least, don’t wear the same shirt two days in a row. (You could probably alternate between free Columbia shirts.) Nobody will be able to tell that you’ve been wearing the same pair of socks for half a week because you haven’t had time to do your laundry.

3. Get to class precisely thirty seconds before it starts. Your classmates will think you calculated the precise amount of time it takes to walk from Plimpton to Altschul. They’ll have no idea that you actually left ten minutes later than you planned, sprinted down 120th Street, and jaywalked three times.

Read on for Betsy’s other tips.



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We’ve all been there: an early morning midterm on a higher story of Hamilton, and the last thing you want to do is run up seven flights of stairs before sitting down, panting, to take your test. As obnoxious and inefficient as the elevator may be, imagine what Hamilton classes were like without the elevator? Bwogger Vivian Klotz sends us on a #TBT journey to the pre-elevator times in Hamilton.

Most students will agree that class on the seventh floor of Hamilton (or sixth, or fifth if the times are really desperate) warrants a ride in the elevator. Though it is cramped, slow, and generally inefficient, the elevator is open to all students and staff, unlike it was in the past.

From ten minutes before the hour until ten minutes after, Hamilton elevator’s use was restricted to faculty and students with passes, which were obtained by students physically unable to climb the stairs. Students without passes attempted to slip onto the elevator once pass holders and faculty got on, but in 1951, the university decided to crack down, creating friction between elevator operators and students. “Some name calling has taken place,” reported the operators, and service was often disrupted while they argued with students.

Adults, of course, had their own opinions on the matters. One faculty member declared that students were “acting like children,” and Spectator quoted another individual as saying that, “‘In the old days’ … it was a luxury for students to ride the elevator.”

So to all the able-bodied students who ride the Hamilton Elevator, never forget those who paved the way for you to show up to your seventh floor class without being completely winded. Their past sacrifices make sure you don’t look like a hot mess in front of that cute individual who sits two seats over.

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Where in the World will you be for Spring Break? (Your bed is a very acceptable answer).

We’ve passed midterm day, we’ve almost passed midterms, and we’re on to the next important event in every Columbia student’s Spring semester: Spring Break! Hopefully, you’re just as excited as Bwog is to go spend a week Netflixing in your bed at home, to take cute photos and get seriously wasted abroad, or to do whatever else your next week has in store!

And if your Spring Break is just so great that you can’t resist taking Bwog along on the ride, we’ve got something special for you! Send Bwog your best photos from wherever you end up going by hashtagging #springbreakwithbwog so we can see what you get up to. As an added incentive, we’ll feature our favorite in a post and give you a gift card to Pinkberry. We can’t wait to see what you get up to this break, so start sending us those photos!

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This bunny is happy because it’s almost Spring Break!

Happening in the World: Wikileaks released a set of documents detailing CIA operations and the extent of surveillance that the CIA can employ. The source of these leaks is still unclear. (Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: A gun-trafficking ring from Virginia was responsible for bringing 200 guns into the state of New York illegally. The group was caught when they sold the guns to an undercover detective. (New York Times)

Happening on Campus: Check out “Laughter by the Month: 20th-century American cartoon and humor magazines” from 6-9pm in Butler! It’s a panel discussion on the history of humor magazines celebrating the Rare Book & Manuscript Library’s acquisition of the collection of Steve Boss with cartoonist speakers.

Overheard: “I realized that whenever I hear someone talking about positivity it’s always about Barnard and never Columbia.”

Bad Joke: “What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?” “A carrot?”

Bunny Munching via Pixabay

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