Record Broken With Barnard Class Of 2021 Acceptances

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The Barnard Admissions department welcoming the class of 2021!

Congratulations to a new class of Barnard students! Earlier this afternoon, Barnard sent out its decisions to regular decision applicants of the class of 2021. Barnard received a total of  7,716 applications this year – an eight percent increase from last year – and accepted a total of 1,139. This brings the college’s admission rate down to 14.8%, the lowest in Barnard’s history and down a full 10 percentage points from only three years ago.

The students in this class hail from 47 states and 39 countries. They will be the second class to study under Barnard’s new Foundations curriculum, which places a focus on technology, international learning, and the importance of empirical reasoning.

“These students embody the Barnard spirit—brimming with passion, curiosity, academic excellence and the desire to make a difference in the world,” Dean of Enrollment Management Jennifer Fondiller said about this class.

Admissions officers and attendant swag via Barnard Admissions Facebook page


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