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Everyone had those friends they made in NSOP, or COOP, or in their LitHum class. Eventually, most of them will fade off, crystallizing your real friendship group. Bwog Staff Writer Gabrielle Kloppers shares some (hypothetical) texts you will receive, or have received, from these. 

We have all had those friends. You met in the line for food at NSOP and hit it off, or maybe in your OL group. You banded together, and you kept it going for a while, going to frat parties and the dining hall together because you were scared. As people joined clubs, diversified interests, and started the classic college process of ‘figuring out who you are,’ your friends slowly changed.

Maybe they never contact you again, maybe they do in the throes of the sophomore slump. If they do, we guarantee you it was something like this.



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Directory University Columbia of Classes

With registration upon us, Bwog returns with our recommendations of classes to take before you die I mean graduate! Whichever comes first. If you’re unsure of which classes to take next semester, consider some on this list.

English: Black Paris, Brent Edwards

“Light workload, interesting readings that are cool to be familiar with, especially fun if you speak French.”

Anthropology: Origins of Human Society, Severin Fowles:

“Very interesting anthropology course at Barnard, satisfies one of those requirements, there was an optional lab where we held human skulls in Schermerhorn.”

Anthropology: Pre-Columbian Histories of Native America, Severin Fowles

“Another eye-opening class that shatters euro-centric sensibilities and gives a new view of civilization as something that does not necessarily shift towards complexity. Fowles is a brilliant professor who is humorous, precise, and a great lecturer. The class consists of four 4-page response papers and a 10-page term paper.”

Philosophy: Philosophy and Feminism, Christia Mercer

“Good introductory course to IRWGS, and it lines up well with Lit Hum and CC if you’re taking the classes side by side. Christia Mercer is an angel who is happy to duck out of academia’s ivory tower. Very heavy reading load.”

More cool classes after the jump!



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The eye of the Columbia Elections Board: all-seeing, all-knowing

The eye of the Columbia Elections Board: all-seeing, all-knowing

It’s that time of the year again…election season. Supplement the endless Facebook posts and professionally-shot posters with this edition of Night In the Life, the tale of a profoundly competent and selfless CCSC candidate. 

9:34 pm
Messaging my hookup from last week to endorse me on Facebook—gotta work those connections.

9:42 pm
Blocking them after they refuse. I don’t care enough about my partner’s enjoyment? I exert painful pressure?? Roleplaying as Roaree and an excitable fan was too extreme??? Life is too short to waste on the rabble; I’m out.

10:15 pm
Scrolling through my notifications and commenting on every endorsement: “omg this means so much <3 i hope everyone else thinks i’m as capable as you do!” and “really hoping to make strides in making this a safer, more inclusive campus served by a truly accountable, transparent, and representative body.” And hey, while I’m doing this social media thing, why not add everyone who liked my JJ’s meme a few months ago? Low standards for humor and fries should correspond to low standards for student government.

But the night is still young



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With voting kicking off today, we would like to take a moment to endorse Sam Ackerman for University Senate. We were impressed with his airtight platform and are confident he will be an effective advocate for the improvement of student life.

Sam has worked on the Student Health Advisory Committee and on the Insurance Committee, advocating for expanded gatekeeper training and strengthening the columbia student insurance plan. He plans on taking this experience to Senate and introducing some new ideas to improve student life. We were impressed with Sam’s clarity, direction, and organization, as he clearly outlined how he planned on achieving each of his goals. In order to reduce stress culture, for example, he believes creating a hardship policy for midterms (comparable to two finals per 24 hour cap) and plans on going through the Student Affairs Committee to do so. We also admire his interest in making faculty diversity statistics publicly available to at least inform students, but to also pressure Columbia to improve the diversity of its instructors. These issues, along with others mentioned in his platform, struck us as both relevant and achievable.

As stressed yesterday’s endorsement, what we feel most important is that you get out and vote! Follow this link to cast yours now.


Amara Banks, Editor in Chief
Betsy Ladyzhets, Managing Editor
Finn Klauber, Internal Editor

GOTV via Sam’s Facebook



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Happening in the world: The British prime minister, Theresa May, is calling for a snap election (an early election of the prime minister that can be held if the members of the parliament lose faith in the government or if 2/3 of the members agree). In the (likely) case that the conservatives win, the legitimacy of Theresa May will be strengthened and she will be able to lead a smoother transition of Britain out of the EU. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: Various New York politicians, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York’s attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, and Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, have released their tax returns. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has not. (NYT)

Happening on campus: Voting for student councils starts today! Go vote!

Overheard: “I’d be so good at marrying rich. Every woman in my family except for my aunt has done it.”

Old celeb tweet: 

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