New CC And GS Academic Policy Reduces Credit Maximum To 18

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After reportedly consulting with advisors, faculty members, students, and the policies of peer institutions, the Columbia College and School of General Studies Committee has updated academic policy in the following ways to “enable all students [to pursue] deep and thoughtful engagement in their academici pursuits, adequate time for extracurricular… opportunities… and a healthy and fulfilling undergraduate experience”:

  • Students can only take a maximum of 18 credits per semester.
  • Students can only declare a maximum of two “programs of study” (e.g. two majors or a major and a concentration).
  • Students pursuing two programs of study can count certain courses towards both programs of study.

Students who have already declared more than two programs of study and/or have created plans for an academic schedule according to the previous policy can petition for exceptions after consulting their advisers and the Director(s) of their respective academic department(s).

The ~official~, detailed policy can be found here.

The policy will take effect this Fall 2017.

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  1. Anonymous  

    The hell? So rising seniors who have been counting on the previous 22-credit cap and have already picked their fall 2017 classes are forced to scramble to change their schedule? Sure, they can petition, but the "exceptional circumstances" language doesn't provide too much confidence. Why couldn't they have been grandfathered in?

  2. Anonymous

    The credits should be 19, so you can take five or six courses plus phys ed. They still need to decrease credits to 120.

  3. Anonymous

    The issue with stress culture is unrelated to the number of credits people take. It's that columbia mostly admits people who are obsessed with grades and don't know how not to be stressed. The students create the culture.

    • stressbustuhinchief

      surely the fact that most students graduate with around 10-15 more credits than they need to graduate contributes somewhat to the stress culture. there must some sort of correlation between less class/academic responbility and less stress

  4. Anonymous

    Good call. I graduated recently, and so far my feeling about CU grads vs. those from other prestigious schools is that our culture encouraged us to do more...even if it meant doing it worse. Glad to see the admin working to change the pressure on students and give them healthier expectations.

  5. Anonymous

    Dumb down to accommodate the increasingly feudal casuist praetorian student body

  6. Anonymous

    academici? Is that latin or Rumano-Ukranian?

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